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June 22, 2010


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Is there an email address for the mayor and city council members?


I used the form - http://www.ci.austin.tx.us/council/groupemail.htm

I hope they get a lot of emails.


K, we linked to this form on the blog:


It will allow you to send emails to all of the Austin City Council members and the Mayor with one email.

Thanks for your help!

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Does it matter if I live in Austin City Limits??
I'm so glad to see what y'all are doing here, and I'm going to help by spreading the word.
If we listen to these Cops we'd have a lot more money and resources to throw at this problem. And we'd be safer.

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I salute your way of helping the homeless people. Continue your quest!

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Now that Tommy has extracted as much money as he can from Hollywood liberals and Wall Street, he'll try to 'run to the right' - but he shouldn't delude himself into thinking that his track record won't follow him.

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