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January 25, 2010


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Penny Stocks

Thanks for sharing such juicy information. Hope you will publish more information like this.

Brad Wilcox

Are you aware that these two people Maggie and Danny scammed you and by advocating for them that you scammed each and every person who gave money to help these two scam artist>?

Alan Graham

Brad, looking forward to meting you and your neighbors. I have a couple of comments:

In your many emails and posting you have used the word "scammed". I am not sure what you mean by this but I did want to clarify that the gently used RV that we will purchase for anyone to live in will remain under the ownership of Mobile Loaves & Fishes forever. Our residents never take ownership. Therefore if in the case of Danny & Maggie they were to not succeed in staying housed then the RV would then be available to someone else.

Secondly, for almost a month now Danny & Maggie have not been on that corner in North Austin. This is a minor victory. If they are successful in staying housed then what an extraordinary victory that would be.

I am looking forward to meeting you and perhaps even lifting someone else from your neighborhood back into a purposeful life.

May you remain blessed.


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