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October 15, 2009


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Press Statement from Alan Graham In Response to Statesman Editorial On Panhandling:


Like I said in another post, I've been homeless for 3 1/2 years now and MOST everyone out there flys to buy joints, cigarettes, and beer. NOT basic necessities of life. These "poor homeless people" are starting drug turf wars and getting people who see no other way to make money other than selling joints almost killed and terrorized by other drug dealers and by themselves. I fly to buy my monthly bus pass and to pay off my storage unit and when I was on probation, my probation and anger management class costs. I sure wish we homeless people could get no cost bus passes and I sure wish I didn't have a crimnal history so I could find a job to get a roof over my head and a place to put my stuff.

My I could if I didn't have stupid charges filed against me by sadistic people here in Austin.

More churches should help out with bus fare and I sure wish I didn't have to fly to pay storage to put my stuff in. I want a life not a cheap handout. I'm not a piece of trash I'm a human being.


Erica, thank you for sharing.

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