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July 29, 2008


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William A. Pettry

At this time I cannot help financially, as I too am homeless, I give what I can. I don't know what to do. Alan wants me to have a full time-40 hour/wk job as I do not get a government check. I work good jobs but they are all temporary....so, I live on the streets and at the ARCH. It is hard to get up out of the hole we dig.


Here's an idea for you William, it IS hard to get up out of the hole we dig, try to spend fifteen minutes to read your Bible and pray as soon as possible. Drop everything and do it! Get alone, close the door, get away from all sounds and distractions. Start by asking God to speak to you. ... End with a prayer

Tom Baum

Keep up the great work! I was on an MLF Truck Run last Friday and visited Sheila, Chris and new baby Michael. Sheila wanted me to pass on a "hello" and to let you know that they are living in the "Tallows" apartments just south of 290 on S. Congress. I will be doing another run this Friday and will be visiting them again. Let me know if you want me to communicate anything to them.
Best Regards,


Thanks for your kind comments Tom. I heard that Michael was born but I did not know where they were staying. I will try to get there to see them real soon. Tell them I said congratulations and that I hope to see them soon.

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